"The Matrix targets are the perfect size, perfect weight for being mobile and having the confidence to shoot at longer distances. Great design and built to stop your arrows yet they are pretty easy to pull out."

Chad Bell, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Great target! Great purchase! Couldn't have been more impressed with my target!!

Austin Gambrel, Pineville, Kentucky
"You have to shoot the Matrix to believe it! Quality construction, great design..."

Ward Pierson, Cambridge, Minnesota
Hunting and fishing are my passions. I especially love sharing these experiences with my son, Luke!
"Wow a target that works as a big backyard target and a portable camp target! I shoot broadheads 80% of the time so this modular design is perfect for how I practice!"

Jay Pierson, Cambridge, Minnesota
Avid hunter and fisherman. Love to chase chukar and pheasant with my German Shorthair Sadee

"FINALLY a target that really will take a couple of thousand hits as advertised, I rarely have a level spot to set-up, the weight is great, it stays put wedged between rocks, or just stick one of the corners into a gopher hole (see pic). The two sizes of centers is a nice bonus.. even though you mention it in your promo, I didn't realize how sweet that would be. Money well spent! Thanks...

Robert Cizik, Parachute, Colorado
"I shot this bull at 50 yards. To shoot with confidence at this distance you need to practice longer shots. Matrix is a big target that let's you do that. Great design, best target I've ever owned!"

Gary Hull, Reno, Nevada
Enjoy the outdoors with my wife, Stephanie and bird hunting with our Golden Retriever Shadow
“Archery isn’t just for the boys! There’s nothing like being out in the hills in late September when the bulls are bugling all around. It’s magical! I practice a lot and I love to shoot the Matrix and you will too!”

Amy Jo Peterson, Founder, Matrix Targets
Worden, Montana
"In a typical summer we’ll go through $200-300+ of targets and throw them away once the center is shot out. That's what drove this design...Matrix Target System with interchangeable, and replaceable modules. Now you can always shoot the center."

Kevin Peterson, Founder, Matrix Targets
Worden, Montana

KG Peterson
VP Engineering, Matrix Targets
Manhattan Beach, CA

KG with his B&C Desert Bighorn ram from Nevada pictured with his team of sherpas... brother in law Ben, cousin Stefan and sister Lindsay

"Shooting my bow is a blast and I love to shoot with my Dad. I was excited to take the 1,000 shot at the first Matrix target!"

Austin Allen, Three Forks, Montana
Future big game hunter, loves horn hunting and is an avid Chicago Bears fan

"Here's my Matrix after shooting it with my Elite Z28 63#, 28 1/2" draw using Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak arrows. Awesome product you made! Thanks"...

Drew Griffith, Henderson, Texas

"I was fortunate to participate in the beta test of the first Matrix Target System prototype. All I can say is wow! Finally a target that can live up to it's billing! The design rocks."

Tom Search, Billings, Montana

"Just received my Matrix Target. You definitely hit a home run with this! Couldn't wait to test it out so set it up in the garage. Cool design can't wait for the next 4,000 shots into it!"

Chad Wilson, Billings, Montana

"Okay y'all my target arrived today and first things first...WOW! This target is simply genius! It is incredibly easy to disassemble and put back together! But that's not it the sheer stopping capabilities of this target are incredible! Minimal penetration and removing the arrows was easy too. I am extremely pleased with this target."

Ted Fryzlewicz, Chesterfield, Virginia
" From L-R: Gold Tip 421 gr/ 307fps, Victory VAP 449 gn/303fps, and Easton Deep Six FMJ 493 gr/298fps. All of these blow right through my other brand name targets; none penetrated beyond 7.5" with the Matrix! Needless to say I'm impressed!"

David Broos, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

"Absolutely love the target! 50 yard broadhead shooting today. Really enjoy the hex system, easy to see, great spacing, durable and easy to remove my arrows! Great design! Thanks!"

John Hanousek, Boise, Idaho

"Here's a picture of our daughter Isabel and the Matrix. I love shooting this with my kids! Perfect size and weight so I can shoot the outside hexes and the kids can shoot the center. No more tipping the target over and with 5 shooters in the family I know this target is going to last. "

Aaron Hansemann and family
Helena, Montana
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Tom Search
“I was fortunate to participate in the beta test of the first Matrix Target System prototype. All I can say is wow! Finally a target that can live up to it’s billing! The design rocks.” -Tom Search, Billings, MT Avid hunter and outdoorsman. If I’m not working I’m doing something outdoors!
Ward Pierson
“You have to shoot the Matrix to believe it! Quality construction, built to last, great concept…” -Ward Pierson, Cambridge, MN Hunting and fishing are my passions! I especially love sharing these experiences with my son Luke.

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