1. Innovative design with interchangeable hexagon and diamond shaped modules.
      • When a module breaks down you can refresh the target by rotating in one of the adjacent hexagons. As modules wear out, they can be individually replaced eliminating the need to buy an entire new target
      • This target is designed to take thousands of shots and you will see the shot distribution throughout the target unlike any other you have ever used
      • Fourteen interchangeable target centers (front and back). Now you can always shoot the center!
    2. Straps are made with 2” heavyweight polyester webbing with heavy duty quick release buckles and a removable handle
    3. Revolutionary hybrid polymer designed specifically for Matrix Targets that offers superior self-healing characteristics with resiliency to tearing
      • Stops field points, expandables, broadheads and crossbow bolts
    4. Target size is 24”x 24” flat side to flat side, 27” at the widest point, 14” deep, weighs 43#
      • It may be increased or reduced in size by simply removing/ adding modules
    5. We’re like Henry Ford: it comes in two colors…black or black
      • 1 1/2” and 2” high contrast hexagonal aiming points
    6. Oh yeah, best of all the Matrix Target System is proudly made in the USA!

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We are inspired by these other fine companies: Black Gold Sights Trophy Taker


Tom Search
“I was fortunate to participate in the beta test of the first Matrix Target System prototype. All I can say is wow! Finally a target that can live up to it’s billing! The design rocks.” -Tom Search, Billings, MT Avid hunter and outdoorsman. If I’m not working I’m doing something outdoors!
Ward Pierson
“You have to shoot the Matrix to believe it! Quality construction, built to last, great concept…” -Ward Pierson, Cambridge, MN Hunting and fishing are my passions! I especially love sharing these experiences with my son Luke.

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